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The concept explored in this piece is the About us Page creation in flutter. Several beautiful open source packages exist for that purpose and there are also several examples. Lets look at some of them.



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    Flutter ā€¨Material About

    You can use this library to show a material about screen in your apps. Its a simple and dynamic library.

    Here are the steps of how to use it:

    Step 1 – Install

    Install the library by adding it as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file:

      material_about: 0.2.1


    Step 2 – Code

    In your code import it first:

    import 'package:material_about/material_about.dart';

    Then use it in your code:

      banner: Image.asset(
        height: 120.0,
        width: MediaQuery.of(context).size.width,
        fit: BoxFit.fill,
      dp: Image.asset(
        height: 190.0,
        fit: BoxFit.fill,
      name: "Your Name",
      position: "Mobile Developer",
      description: "I'm warmed of mobile technologies. \n Ideas Maker, curious and nature lover",
      seperatorColor: Colors.grey,
      iconColor: Colors.black,
      textColor: Colors.black,
      playstoreID: "1111111111111",
    //        github: "YourID", //e.g JideGuru
    //        bitbucket: "YourID",
    //        facebook: "YourID", //e.g jideguru
    //        twitter: "YourID", //e.g JideGuru
    //        instagram: "yourID", //e.g jideguru
    //        googlePlus: "yourID",
      youtube: "yourID",
      dribble: "yourID",
      linkedin: "yourID",
      email: "yourEmail",
      whatsapp: "yournumber", //without international code e.g 22994684468.
      skype: "yourID",
      google: "yourSearchQuery",
      android: "yourID",
      website: "yourURL",
      appIcon: "images/profile_picture.png",
      appName: "App Name",
      appVersion: "1.0",
    //        removeAds: "Link to pro app",
      donate: "Link to any wallet for donations",
    //        changelog: "Link to changeLog",
      help: "Link to about app", //to be improved soon
      share: "Text to share to people",
      devID: "YourPlaystoreDevID",



    Here are the demos:

    Flutter Material ABout


    1. Direct Download here.
    2. Browse here.
    3. Follow Author here.


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